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Need help.

Hi, I'm Paul. I'm from Australia. I live in the suburbs, where Jim Carroll isn't very well-known. I'm posting this because I need your help.

I'm a vocalist and the Jim Carroll Band is one of my primary influences. A couple of weeks ago I met a girl when my band played a house party. She asked me who my favourite punk acts are, and I said the Jim Carroll Band and Patti Smith. To my surprise, she knew about Jim, which is more than I can say for most people in my town.

This girl and I, we like eachother. I was wondering if there were any Jim Carroll poems that would be appropriate to give to a girlfriend. I was thinking I could write one out by hand, soak it in tea leaves to give it that "aged" look and give it to my girl as a present. I will, of course, write Jim's name on the paper, I am not a plagiarist.

The poems don't have to be especially romantic or erotic, just memorable. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. The next time I find myself in this situation, I hope to have bought Void of Course and Fear of Dreaming, being already well-versed in Jim's music and memoirs but an ingénue when it comes to his poetry.

Thank you.
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