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my jim carroll story:)

my jim carroll story begins like this....
i became a jim carroll fan in 1995 after seeing the movie the basketball diaries...
it not only inspired me to sober up but to also check out his writing and music...both i adored and dreamed of meeting him and seeing him live..
well in 1997 and 1998 those dreams came true.he came to a tiny music venue here in seattle and i got to shake his hand and tell him he was *pure* he was nice..then as he went to shake my hand he accidently burned me with his cigarette!!
he was rubbing my arm and saying "fuck,shit,oh,im sorry!"
it was hylarious!!
i then told him we had the same birthday and he said "jerry garcia too"
then the show was amazing!!!!!
it rocked!!
i had front row center and he took requests from me after someone stole his setlist.
he was amazing and had soo much energy!!
he was witty and funny..his story telling and spoken word was great!
and his band for the night was wonderful too...
jim is fabulous!
im also a poet/writer/addict and hes my hero!
if anyone wants to add me i'd love you for it!!

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