21st Century Schizoid Man (word_virus_ss) wrote in jimcarroll,
21st Century Schizoid Man

I'm new here


My name is Nick. I'm new here. I was searching to see if there was a community dedicated exclusively to William S. Burroughs and found this one. I lurk a lot but I also comment and post when I actually have something to say. I often introduce myself. Jim Carroll is one of those artists that I immediately felt a kinship with. From the opening strums of "People Who Died" being played as the stumper song on the retro lunch hour I knew. I have yet to see the film version of the Basketball Diaries but I really feel that I ought to.

Anyone like it, hate it?

At any rate, I've started a new community dedicated to William Seward Burroughs called


Join it. Love it. Be it.
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