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luv jim

she said she had a dream

a dream of being clean

but when she woke up there was blood on her pillow case

there were bruises all over the place

and then she knew

there was nothing left to do

now its not made of silver

but its sum kind of metal

the sun rises from below and boils up the puddle

all the mudd it sits on top

every single drop

and it makes for one hell of a show

all the people line up but she's in the front row

yeah she's been here all night with her ticket in her hand

an insterment in the other and her arm ready for the band

yearning for sweet music

no time for getting sick

theres never time for anything anymore

not even time to be bored

the microphones sits on the stage

the audience in full of rage

then the music shouts out loud

enough to knock her out

the bright lights lower

the colored ones follow the beat

then she slowly lowers as she takes her seat

the defening of the orchestra ends

and the silence is overcome w/ the sound of violins

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